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1 Behavioural science research in India: A directory 1925-65 PAREEK Udai Ed.; KUMAR V K Ed. 1966 New Delhi : Behavioural Science Centre India 574p English
2 China higher education directory 1987 Hong Kong : Hon Wing Book 600p. English
3 China phone book and address directory 1982 1981 Hong Kong : China Phone Book Company 316p. English
4 Chinese English directory of Communist Chinese terminology DOOLIN Dennis J; RIDLEY Charles P 1973 Stanford : Hoover 13,569p. English
5 Directory of Chinese communist leadership 1960 Hong Kong : Kowloon 108p. English
6 Directory of Chinese Communist officials: Provincial, municipal and military 1969 213p English
7 Directory of Chinese libraries RENYONG Wu etc. Ed. 1982 Beijing : China academic publishers China 428p. English
8 Directory of current research on Asian studies in Hong Kong 1969-1970 RYDINGS H. Anthony Rydings; CHILDE Nellie 1970 Hong Kong : Centre of Asian Studies 133p English
9 Directory of foreign collaborations in India, Vol. V.IVA: India-Japan 1981-84 1985 New Delhi : IIC 30p. English
10 Directory of foreign collaborations in India: India-Japan (1951 to 1980), Vol. 4 and 4A IIndian investment center 1982 New Delhi : Indian Investment Center India 82+30p. English
11 Directory of Japanese colleges and universities 1979-80 1980 Tokyo : Saikon publishing Japan 262p Japanese
12 Directory of Japanese databases in 1998-99 DATABASE PROMOTION CENTER, JAPAN 1998 Tokyo : Database Promotion Centre Japan 313p. English
13 Directory of officials and organizations in China LAMB M 1984 Sharpe 717p. English
14 Directory of selected scientific institutions in Mainland China WATKINS Ralph J, etc. Ed. 1970 Standford : Stanford University 469p. English
15 Guerilla and terrorist organisations: A world directory and bibliography JANKE Peter 1983 Brighton : Harvester Press Limited 531p. English
16 ICSR : Directory of Asian social science reserach training institutions in India VAJAHAT Abida 1997 New Delhi : ICSSR 195p. English
17 International directory of Centers for Asian studies 1975 70p. English
18 International organization and intetgration: Annotated basic documents and descriptive directory of international organizations and arrangements Vol. 1 KAPTEYN P.J.G. etc. Ed. 1981 Boston : Martinus Nijhoff Publishers 205p. English
19 Japanese studies in the United States: Directory of Japan specialists and Japanese studies institutions in oithe United States and Canada, 3 Vols. JAPAN FOUNDATION 1995 Tokyo : Japan Foundation Japan English
20 Korea South: Industrial And Business Directory 2010 Washington DC : International Business Publications, USA 260p. English
21 Libraries in Hong Kong: A directory KAN Lai-bing Co. 1963 Hong Kong : Hong Kong Library Association 98p. English
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