International Conference on Academic Libraries (ICAL-2023)

5th to 8th April, 2023

Delhi University Library System, University of Delhi

Delhi, INDIA   

Guidelines for Poster Papers 

Today, poster sessions are an integral part of the conference programs. ICAL-2023 has also made provision for poster presentations of high quality research papers during the conference and publish the same in conference proceeding.  The best poster, selected by a group of experts, will be awarded.

These guidelines have been developed to maintain and raise the quality of ICAL-2023 poster sessions. The importance of poster sessions require that a high standard is maintained and new ideas and activities are presented and that recent development highlighted. It is also aimed at having diversity of topics and to encourage newcomers to participate.


Poster presentations will take place each day at a fixed time as scheduled for the purpose. Depending upon the number of authors who opt for poster presentation, the authors will be divided into groups on the basis of Conference themes. It is not necessary that the posters displayed on a particular day will remain there in subsequent days; if necessary these can be replaced by another set of posters.

Posters will be on display boards measuring 2x3 feet. Material may be put on the boards by means of magnets or removable double sided tape.

‘Times New Roman’, size 12 typefaces is the smallest recommended type size to be used.

Full use of colour, bold and larger typefaces is encouraged and all sections of the poster should be clearly legible from a distance of 3 meters. The use of illustrative material, photographs, etc is recommended.

The recommended page limit is 3 to 4 pages A4 size.

As far as possible, the poster should be as self explanatory so that your main job is to supplement the information it contains. All posters should be accompanied by a presenter throughout the sessions, as announced during the conference. The presenter should be able to answer questions and provide further information.

Explanatory handouts are also encouraged to fill in more detail. Distribution of such handouts will be the responsibility of the author.

Since, the poster sessions is an integral and important part of the conference program, the organisers will make sure the availability of appropriate facilities for the setting up and presentation of posters, and encouraging conference participants to attend the poster sessions. Proper time slot will be incorporated in the conference schedule for the poster sessions.

Posters should not be simply downloaded Power point presentations or Web pages.

A group of experts will judge the poster sessions and an award will be made for the best poster presentation. Interest and immediate impact are the two qualities that are especially looked for.

The criteria for judging poster sessions are:

  • Quality of content
  • Overall aesthetic quality, clarity of presentation and general appearance
  • Quality of handouts
  • Helpfulness of presenter
  • Overall interest and relevance


Prepare a sign containing the paper title and the authors’ name and affiliations. This information should appear at the top of the poster.  

We suggest placing abstract in the upper left portion of the poster, and conclusion towards the end of the paper. Rest of the poster paper content shall remain in between. 

A brief large type heading of no more than one or two lines should be provided above each illustration, with more detailed information added in smaller type beneath the illustration.


For all queries and further details, please contact :

ICAL 2023 Conference Secretariat

Dr. Rajesh Singh

University Librarian & Organising Secretary, ICAL

C/o University Librarian Office, Central Library, University of Delhi

New Delhi - 110 007, India

Phone - 91-11-27666034, 27667848

E-mail: ical2023@admin.du.ac.in