Libraries Under Delhi University Library System


Some Basic Information

(Listed in an alphabetical order)




     Audio Book Research Centre

     African Studies

     Arts Library

     Botany Department

     Braille Library

     Campus Law Library

     Central Reference Library

     Central Science Library

     Chemistry Department

     Computer Centre

     Computer Science

     East Asian Studies

     Education Department

     English Department

     Germanic & Romance Studies

     History Department

     Law Centre-I

     Law Centre-II

     Library & Information Science

     Linguistics Department

     Management Studies

     Mathematical Sciences

     Music & Fine Arts

     Non-Collegiate Women Education Board

     Philosophy Department

     Physics & Astrophysics

     Ratan Tata Library

     Slavonic & Finno Ugrian Studies

     S.P.Jain Centre of Management

     Social Work Department

     South Campus

     South Zone Undergraduate Library

     Women Studies and Development Centre

     Zoology Department