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AGU is a scientific society with a membership of 50,000 researchers, teachers, and students. AGU conducts meetings and conferences, publishes journals, books and a weekly newspaper, and sponsors a variety of educational and public information programs. Delhi University subscribes the following AGU Journals from January 2008 Onwards.

 The American Geophysical Union (AGU) has provided almost a century of support and services to the scientific community. AGU is an international Union of scientists, working together on a broad spectrum of scientific topics that span all of the Earth and space sciences. Our research encompasses everything from the exploration of the planets, to studies of the structure and chemical composition of the Earth's deep interior, to understanding the Earth's atmosphere and the causes of climate change. These are not only exciting scientific topics; they are also of great interest and relevance to humankind.

Since its founding, AGU is dedicated to furthering the sciences of geophysics through the individual efforts of our members and in cooperation with other national and international scientific organizations. These goals are met through publishing scientific journals and other technical publications, sponsoring scientific meetings of various sizes throughout the year and a variety of other educational and scientific activities.

AGU is built on a foundation of shared values that include valuing the scientific method, the generation and dissemination of scientific knowledge, free exchange of ideas and information, respect for a diversity of ideas and approaches, accountability to the public, and excellence and integrity in everything we do. Our science is accurate, peer reviewed, and well respected.