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Schedule of Training /Workshop Programs

 In its effort to keep current on library resources, services  system, technologies and procedures, South Campus Library regularly conducts organizes and attends  information literacy  /orientation programs, workshops , seminars and conferences for  students, staff and library professionals. Some of the such training programs are as under:

 Orientation & Information Literacy Programmefor Students:

 Workshops, Seminars &  Confrence organized for LIS  Professionals 

·         Organised  an INFLIBNET  supported one day User Awareness Programme on Access to E-resources   under N-LIST  for Principals, Teachers and Librarians of  South Campus Colleges at South Campus University of Delhi  on  September 17, 2010.

·         Organised a Thomson Reuters supported half day workshop on Web of Knowledge at South Campus University, on April 5, 2011.

·         Organised a 3-day national conference on “Repositioning Libraries for User Empowerment: Policy, Planning & Technology” at  University of Delhi South Campus, during October 13-15, 2011.

·         Organised an INFLIBNET supported two- day User Awareness Programme on Access to E-resources   under N-LIST Programme  for Principals, Teachers and Librarians of  South Campus Colleges at South Campus University of Delhi on  September 28-29, 2012.

·         Organised a 2-day national conference in association with UN Information Centre, New Delhi & SLA-Asian Chapter on theme: From Brick To Click: Transforming Libraries Into Social Spaces at University of Delhi South Campus during 7-8 February, 2014.

·         Organised ProQuest Digital Books Day “Addressing the challenges of acquiring e-books in Indian Scenario” in collaboration with University of Delhi South Campus & Asian Library Association, New Delhi on June 9, 2014 at University of Delhi South Campus.

·         Conducted  a  workshop   “Use of       e-Resources” on April 22, 2016 at Delhi College of Arts & Commerce, University of Delhi, Delhi.


·         Conducted   two day   workshop   “Use of       e-Resources & Managing Research in Electronic Environment ” on May 4-5 , 2016 at Institute  of Home Economic, University of Delhi, Delhi.


·         Conducted  a  workshop   “Use of  e-Resources” on April 22, 2016 at Bharti Mahila College , University of Delhi, Delhi.


·         Conducted  a  workshop  “Use of  e-Resources” on November  25, 2016  at Shivaji College  University of Delhi, Delhi.


·         Conducted a Workshop  on Use of E-Resources in Teaching Learning & Research” at Bhagiya Nivedita College, Delhi University on April 4th, 2018




Orientation/Training  Programmes conducted for Students:


·         ILLL                                                                           August 03,2010

·         Department of MBE                                                   August 04,2010

·         Department of MFC                                                   August 09, 2010

·         Department of Genetics                                              August 10,2010

·         Department of Mathematics                                       August 30, 2011

·         Department of Applied Psychology                           September 05,2011

·         Department of Political Science                                 November 22,2011

·         Department of  History                                               January 13,2012

·         Department of MBE                                                   January 13, 2012

·       Department of Applied Psychology                            August 03, 2012

·         Department of Sanskrit                                               September18, 2012

·         Department of MBE                                                   December06,2013

·         Department of Applied Psychology                           September   ,2013

·         Department of History                                                August 08,2014

·         Department of Political Science                                 November 12,2014

·         Department of  MFC                                                  September 21,2015

·         Department of Applied Psychology                           November 16,2017

Training Programme Attended  by Library Staff

·         One day Training Program for Digital Bid Opening and Bid Evaluation for implementation of e-procurement on 4-5 August,2016

Computer Center, University of Delhi

·         Two weeks training programme on Computer Applications  in Libraries 11-24 April,2018 Delhi University Library System




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