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In its effort to repurpose library collection, South Campus Library  regularly conducts weeding out  exercise of superseded, dilapidated and unserviceable/ unwanted material  through university  approved  procedure by way of  gift/donation/destroying/shredding/sale/auction etc, as may be deemed fit.

The constitution of the Weeding of Books Committee and Write off Committee as conveyed by D.R. Estab letter No. Estab.III/Lib./88/74387 dated 28/29 March 1988 is as follows:


Weeding of Books Committee for recommending weeding out of damaged/mutilated /obsolete/dilapidated books/documents.


         Administrative Head of the Unit (Chairman)

         Head of the Department concerned or their Nominees Viz.

         Department of Business Economics

         Department of Financial Studies

         Department of Political Science

         Department of Mathematics

         Inst. of Information & Communication

         Department of Electronic Science

         Department of Genetics

         Department of Hindi

         Department of Sanskrit

         Department of Psychology

         Library In-charge of the Unit

         Write off committee for recommending write off and disposal of damaged/ mutilated/obsolete/dilapidated books/ by way of donation /gift/destroying/sale/auction/shredding on the recommendation of Weeding out Committee.

         Librarian or his nominee (In-charge of the Library Unit)

         Administrative Head of the Unit

         A.R. (Accounts & Finance)


         Internal Audit Officer





South Campus Library, University of Delhi, Delhi 110 021. (India)