Delhi University Library System




Regulation no. 17 : Use of Library






In general, libraries under the DULS offer following facilities and services;

                 i.    Library Membership Facility;

                ii.    Document Borrowing Facility;

              iii.    Text book Service;

              iv.    Reference, Referral and Information Service, and E-referencing;

               v.    Reservation of books;

              vi.    Inter-Library Loan Service;

            vii.    Facility to browse reading materials in open access environment;

           viii.    Use of special collections wherever they are available;

              ix.    Use of Theses and Dissertation as per the conditions;

               x.    Facility to research scholars;

              xi.    Assistance in the use of Electronic Resources;

            xii.    Information Literacy and Competency Programmes for the benefit of students and teachers of the University;

           xiii.    Bibliographical Services wherever they are available;

          xiv.    Article Alert Service wherever they are available;

            xv.    Photocopying Service by adhering to the Copyright Provisions is available through the commercial vendors in the vicinity of each Library