Delhi University Library System




Regulation no. 17 : Use of Library






   The DULS resources are available to:

(i)   Those students who are enrolled in different courses undertaken by different University Faculties, Departments as also to those who are enrolled at the Master's level in the affiliated/ constituent colleges unless otherwise stated in the rules.

(ii)   Those who are members of the Faculty and Non-Teaching staff of the University of Delhi.

(iii) 'The whole community of the learned' i.e. others,  who desire to access the University Libraries in order to undertake academic work which they cannot easily do elsewhere.

(iv)  Masters' level and Research level students from other universities, whose access will usually be restricted to few designated libraries within the DULS only.

(v)   Those without direct connection with the University, on a written recommendation based on good personal knowledge and confirming their need and suitability for admission.