Delhi University Library System




Regulation no. 17 : Use of Library







This rules and conditions are applicable to those Libraries that provides facility to the research scholars with research carrels and lockers, subject to availability of  seats: 

               i.      Bonafide Ph. D. student shall be entitled to use the research floor on the basis of   the Research Floor Membership Card;

             ii.      A specified area in the research floor will be available to M. Phil. students;

            iii.      Bonafide teachers registered for Ph.D. from DU or engaged in sponsored projects; and visiting research scholars from India and abroad, on production of necessary papers and with the permission of the University Librarian may use the research floor;

           iv.      Each bonafide research scholar who have been allotted seats/ numbers shall be entitled to a specified number of books as laid down by the University Librarian which he/she can retain for research work for a stipulated period after registering them at a designated place;

             v.      The Library reserves the right to call for any book retained by any scholars;

           vi.      A ‘Controlled Stack’ of books needed by research students will be set up and maintained on the research floor for a limited period under a designated Library Officer;

          vii.      The Research Scholars should get the required number of books issued at a place identified by the library before it is taken out to his/her seat. However, if any unauthorized books are found in the possession of the scholar in his/her locker or seat, the same will be recovered by using duplicate key available in the Library and necessary action against the scholar will be taken;

        viii.      Locks on the allotted lockers should not be replaced without the permission of the University Librarian;

           ix.      Dissertations/ Theses can be consulted only at the designated place in the Library in a specified time period. Photocopying or scanning of printed theses/ dissertation is not permissible;

             x.      Reference books, bound volumes and loose issues of periodicals are not permitted in the research floor;

           xi.      Research scholars shall give prior information to the library before proceeding on long periods of absence (more than two months) on vacation/ leave/ field work;

          xii.      The members shall inform the library about any change in their contact address or status;

        xiii.      Tea, beverages and other eatables on the research floor are not permissible;

        xiv.      Research floor should be used for study and research purposes only. No other activities shall be permitted;

         xv.      Library administration shall not be responsible for the loss of any valuables and personal effects of the users on the research floor.

        xvi.      The clearance certificate shall be issued only after the scholar surrenders the seat and locker allotted to him/her and returns all reading materials issued by the library and clears other outstanding dues, if any;

      xvii.      Any violation of Rules and Regulations may entail cessation of facilities provided.