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The Journal of the Indian Law Institute

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The Journal of The Indian Law Institute 1958-2011. Information Database and search program available on CD-ROM is a source for quick retrieval of cases-law. Digitalized collection of very valuable articles that came to be published in the Journal of The Indian Law Institute, the glorious law journal in India that commands respect and recognition throughout the world.


Subjects dealt with in these pieces are varied. Topics are disparate. Authors are both Indian and Foreign. It is a treasure house wherein the authors have poured in the results of their hard research into the various problems that confronted the nascent Indian republic spanning over a period from 1958 to 2006.


All information in the CD has been adequately cross referenced with a search engine to facilitate your search and retrieval of required information in all categories in both individually and simultaneously.


This will be a possession of pride for any individual/ Institution engaged in nation building. We promise to update the CD on annual basis.


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