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The Faculty of Management Studies (FMS) Library is an invaluable resource for students, researchers and faculties of business and management. The FMS library was found in the year of 1961. FMS has its main library at North Campus of the University. The library has over the years built a robust collection of over 50,000 books, over 100 journals (including 60 foreign journals), 12 news papers, and many other resources like thesis, student's project reports, CDs, various reports, economic surveys reports, etc.The library, spread over 5178 sq. ft., also provides access to the best of business and management related digital resources through university network subscription to various databases consisting of scholarly and industry relevant content.

A branch library with a sprawling reading room functions at S.P.Jain Advanced Management Research Center, South Campus. Both the libraries are well stocked with textbooks, reference books and other documents. Along with this the students have access to the Ratan Tata Library which has a collection of over 200,000 books and over 1,000 journals on management and economics. The students can also access the University library as well as study rooms depending upon their interests.

Faculty of Management Studies Library
Faculty of Management Studies
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