S.N  A B C D E F                         JOURNAL                       HOMEPAGE
1 CRL Aakrosh Forum for Strategic and Security Studies (India) 1998 Quarterly Print  
2 Arts Aasar (Urdu) Islamic Research Institute (India) 2001 Monthly Print  
3 Arts Abstracts of Sikh Studies Institute of Sikh Studies (India) 2005 Quarterly Print  
4 Arts Administrative Science Quarterly Johnson School of Management (USA) 2003 Quarterly Print & Online http://www.atypon
5 Arts Advent Sri Aurobindo Ashram 1944 Quarterly Print  
6 CRL Africa Quarterly Indian Council For Cultural Relations () 1961 Quarterly Print  
7 Arts Africa Research Bulletin, Ser-A: Political , Social and cultural John Wiley and Sons Ltd. 1965 Monthly Print  
8 Arts Africa Research Bulletin, Ser-B: Economics,Financial and Technical John Wiley and Sons Ltd. 1965 Monthly Print  
9 Arts Africa Today Indiana University Press (USA) 1954 Quarterly Print  
10 Arts Africa: Journal of the International African Institute International African Institute 1928 Quarterly Print  
11 Arts African Affairs Oxford University Press (UK) 1953 Quarterly Print  
12 CRL African Chronicle Asian newa chroniclers (India) 1975 Bi-Monthly Print  
13 Arts African Studies Carfax Publising Ltd (United Kingdom) 1954 3/Year Print  
14 CRL Against The Current   2009 6/Year Print  
15 CRL Air Power AIR POWER STUDIES 2005 Quarterly Print  
16 CRL Aiwan-E-Urdu (Urdu) M.H. Abidi 2008 Monthly Print  
17 Arts Al - Daie: (Urdu) Darul - Uloom () 2001 Monthly Print  
  Alive Delhi Prakashan Vitran 2010      
19 Arts Alochana (Hindi) Rajkamal Prkashan () 1952 Quarterly Print  
20 CRL Alternative Centre for the Study of Devel. Societies 1975 Quarterly Print  
21 Arts American Behavioral Scientist Sage Publication (India) 1963 Monthly Print & Online http://abs.sagepub.com/
22 Arts American Historical Review American Historical Association 1895 5/Year Print  
23 Arts American Journal of Psychoanalysis Palgrav MacMillan 1984 Quarterly Print  
24 Arts American Libraries (ALA) American Library Association (Chicago) 1971 10/Year Print  
25 Arts American Philosophical Society: Proceedings American Philosphical Society(Pro) 1938 Quarterly Print  
26 Arts American Political Science Review Cambridge University Press (UK) 1907 Quarterly Print  
27 Arts American Psychologist American Psychological Association (USA) 1962 9/Year Print  
28 CRL American Scholar Phi Beta Kappa Society (Washington) 1952 Quarterly Print  
29 CRL Analytical Monthly Review   1975 11/Year Print  
30 Arts Annals of The American Academy of Political and Social Science Sage Publications India Pvt. Ltd. (India) 1933 6/Year Print  
31 Arts Annals of Library and Information Studies National institute of sciene comm. (India) 1954 Quarterly Print  
32 Arts Annual Review of Applied Linguistics Cambridge University Press (UK) 2005 1/Year Print  
33 Arts Annual Review of Psychology Annual Reviews Inc. (USA) 1966 1/Year Print  
34 Arts ANQ Heldref Publications (USA) 1998 Quarterly Print  
35 CRL Antioch Review Antioch Review Inc. (USA) 1964 Quarterly Print  
36 Arts Antiquity Antioch Review Inc. (USA) 1950 Quarterly Print  
37 Arts Anuvad (Hindi) Bhartiya Anuvad Parishad (India) 1964 Quarterly Print  
38 Arts Applied Psycholinguistics Cambridge University Press 1984 Quarterly Print  
39 CRL Archiv Orientalni John Benjamins Publishing Co. (Netherland) 1957 Quarterly Print  
40 Arts Arvachin Sanskritam (Sanskirit) Devavani Parishad () 1979 Quarterly Print  
41 CRL Asia Pacific: Journal of human resources Sage Publication (India) 2002 3/Year Print & Online http://apj.sagepub.com/
42 CRL Asian News Digest Asian newa chroniclers (India) 1956 Weekly Print  
43 CRL Asian Perspectives Journals Deptt, Univ.of Hawai Pr. 1958 2/Year Print  
44 Arts Australian Journal of Philosophy Taylor & Francis Ltd. (UK) 1958 Quarterly Print http://www.informaworld.com/smpp/
45 CRL Azad (Urdu) Maulana Azad Memoiral Academy 2001 Monthly Print  
46 Arts Bahuvachan: (Hindi) Mahtma Gandhi International University 2000 Quarterly Print  
47 Arts Bhagirath Bhagirath Patrika (Hindi) (India) 0 Quarterly Print  
48 CRL Bhagirath (Hindi) Bhagirath Patrika (Hindi) (India) 2004 Quarterly Print  
49 Arts Bharti (Sanskrit) Bhartiya Sanskrit Parchar Sansthan () 1956 Monthly Print  
50 Arts Bhasha (Hindi) The Controller (Bhasha Hindi) 1962 6/Year Print  
51 CRL Biblio: A review of books Biblio Charitable Trust () 1997 6/Year Print  
52 Arts Brain and Language Elsevier Science Ltd. (UK) 1974 Monthly Print  
53 Arts British Journal of Clinical Psychology (BPS) British Psychological Society (England) 1981 Quarterly Print  
54 Arts British Journal of Development Psychology (BPS) British Psychological Society (England) 1983 Quarterly Print  
Arts British Journal of Educational Psychology (BPS) British Psychological Society (England) 1931 Quarterly Print  
56 Arts British Journal of Health Psychology (BPS) British Psychological Society (England) 1997 Quarterly Print  
57 Arts British Journal of Math. and Statistical Psy. (BPS) British Psychological Society (England) 1965 3/Year Print  
58 Arts British Journal of Politics and International Relations John Wiley and Sons Ltd. 2004 Quarterly Print  
59 Arts British Journal of Psychology (BPS) British Psychological Society (England) 1950 Quarterly Print  
60 Arts British Journal of Social Psychology (BPS) British Psychological Society (England) 1981 Quarterly Print  
61 CRL British National Bibliography Turpin Distribution Services Ltd. (UK) 1998 Weekly Print  
62 Arts Canadian Historical Review University of Tronto Press 2001 Quarterly Print  
63 CRL Capital and Class Worldwide Subscription Service Ltd 2009 3/Year Print  
64   Caravan   1932   Print  
65 CRL Cataloguing and Classification Quarterly Taylor & Francis Ltd. (UK) 1980 8/Year Print  
66 CRL Choice American Library Association (Chicago) 1997 Monthly Print  
67 CRL Collnet Journal of Scientometrics and Information Management Taru Publications 2007 2/Year Print  
68 Arts Comparative Political Studies Sage Publication (India) 2003 Monthly Print & Online http://cps.sagepub.com/
69 CRL Comsomath Netaji Nagar day comp. Scince Center () 2003 2/Year Print  
70 CRL Contemporary South East Asia Institute of South East Asian Studies (Singpore) 1984 3/Year Print  
71 Arts Creative Forum Bahri Publication (India) 1988 2/Year Print  
72 CRL Critical Inquiry University of Chicago Press (Chicago) 2009 Quarterly Print  
73 CRL Critical Social Policy Sage Publication (India) 2000 Quarterly Print & Online http://csp.sagepub.com/
74 CRL CSA Political Science and Government : A Guide to Periodical Literature Cambridge Scientific Abstracts (USA) 1969 5/Year Print  
75 Arts Current History Current History Inc. (USA) 1914 9/Year Print & Online http://www.currenthistory.com/
76 Arts Dastavej (Hindi) Dastavej Pub. (India) 1994 Quarterly Print  
77 CRL Data India Press Trust of India (India) 1975 Weekly Print  
78 Arts DESIDOC Bulletin of Information Technology DESIDOC (India) 1981 6/Year Print  
79 CRL Dialogue Astha Bharti 2002 Quarterly Print  
80 CRL Disabilities and Impairments Akshat Publications 2001 2/Year Print  
81 CRL Divine Life The Acade and cultur Pub. charti.Trust (India) 1955 Monthly Print  
82 CRL Economic and Political Weekly Sameerksha Trust (India) 1973 Weekly Print & Online http://epw.in/epw/user/userindex.jsp
83 CRL Eighteenth Century: Theory and Interpretation Texas Tech Univ. Press 1960 3/Year Print  
84 Arts English Language Notes University of Colorado 1981 2/Year Print  
85 Arts English Literary History John Hopkins (USA) 1969 Quarterly Print  
86 Arts English Literary Renaissance Massachusetts Centre for Ren. Studies 1985 3/Year Print & Online http://www3.interscience.wiley.com/
87 Arts English Today Cambridge University Press (UK) 2003 Quarterly Print  
88 CRL English World Wide John Benjamins Publishing Co. (Netherland) 2008 3/Year Print  
89   Esbaat Esbaat Publication 2010      
90 Arts Essays in Criticism Oxford University Press (UK) 1955 Quarterly Print  
91 Arts Ethics University of Chicago Press (Chicago) 1941 Quarterly Print  
92 CRL European Journal of Social Theory Sage Publication (India) 2000 Quarterly Print & Online http://est.sagepub.com/
93 CRL European Journal of Women's Studies Sage Publication (India) 1994 Quarterly Print & Online http://ejw.sagepub.com/
94 CRL Fikr-O-Tahqeeq (Urdu) National Counical For Promotion of Urdu Language 2008 Quarterly Print  
95 Arts Foreign Affairs Council of Foreign Relation Inc. (USA) 1922 6/Year Print & Online http://www3.interscience.wiley.com/journal
96 CRL Frontline Kasturi & Sons Ltd. (India) 1986 Bi-Monthly Print & Online http://www.flonnet.com/
97 CRL Gaganachal  (Hindi) Indian Council For Cultural Relations () 1997 Quarterly Print  
98 CRL Gandhi Marg (Hindi) Gandhi Peace Foundation (India) 1997 6/Year Print  
99 CRL Gandi Marg Gandhi Peace Foundation (India) 1958 Quarterly Print  
100 Arts Gender Technology and Development Sage Publication (India) 2003 3/Year Print & Online http://gtd.sagepub.com/
101 CRL Genre University of Oklahoma. () 1985 Quarterly Print  
102 CRL Guide to Indian Periodical Literature Indian Documentation Service () 1973 Quarterly Print  
103 Arts Hans (Hindi) Akashr Prakashan P. Ltd. (India) 1994 Monthly Print  
104 Arts Hari Gandha (Hindi) Haryana shitya Academe (India) 1999 Monthly Print  
105 CRL Himal Himal Inc. Pvt Ltd. () 1992 Monthly Print & Online http://www.himalmag.com/
106 CRL Himalayan and Central Asian Studies Himalayan Res & Culttural Foundation. (India) 1996 Quarterly Print  
107 Arts Historian (Historical Assiociation) Histoircal Assocation 1983 Quarterly Print  
108 Arts Historical Journal Cambridge University Press (UK) 1958 Quarterly Print  
109 CRL Historical Materialism Brill 2000 Quarterly Print  
110 Arts Historical Research John Wiley and Sons Ltd. 1964 Quarterly Print & Online http://www3.interscience.wiley.com/journal/
111   HU The Sufi Way   2010      
112 CRL Hudson Review Hudson Review Inc. (USA) 1948 Quarterly Print  
113 Arts Human Relations Sage Publication (India) 1959 Monthly Print & Online http://hum.sagepub.com/
114 Arts Humanist Outlook Indian Humainist Union 2001 Quarterly Print  
115 Arts IASLIC Bulletin IASLIC (India) 1956 Quarterly Print  
116 Arts IASSI Quarterly Indian Association of social science association 1989 Quarterly Print  
117 Arts ILA Bulletin (Indian Library Association) Indian Library Association (India) 1985 Monthly Print  
118 Arts India Quarterly Sage Publication (India) 1945 Quarterly Print & Online http://iqq.sagepub.com/
119 CRL India Today Living Media India Pvt. Ltd. (India) 1976 Weekly Print  
120 CRL India Today (Hindi) Living Media India Pvt. Ltd. (India) 1976 Weekly Print  
121 CRL Indian Book Chronical Aalekh Publisher (India) 1998 Monthly Print  
122 Arts Indian Economic and Social History Review Sage Publication (India) 1963 Quarterly Print & Online http://IER.sagepub.com/
123 CRL Indian Folklore Research Journal National Folklore Support Centre (India) 2001 1/Year Print  
124 Arts Indian Historical Review Indian historical review (India) 1974 2/Year Print  
125 Arts Indian International Journal of Buddhist Studies C.M.L. Publications (UK) 2003 1/Year Print  
126 Arts Indian Journal of Applied Linguistics Bahri Publication (India) 1981 2/Year Print  
127 Arts Indian Journal of Applied Psychology Madras Psychology Society (India) 1981 1/Year Print  
128 CRL Indian Journal of Clinical Psychology Indian Association of Clinical Psychologists 2007 2/Year Print  
129 Arts Indian Journal of Industrial Relations Shri Ram Centre 2002 Quarterly Print  
130 Arts Indian Journal of Public Administration Indian Institute of Public Admini (India) 1955 Quarterly Print  
131 CRL Indian Journal of Social Enquiry Maharaja Agrasen College 2009 Quarterly Print  
132 CRL Indian Linguistics Linguistic Society of of India () 1931 Quarterly Print  
133 Arts Indian Literature Sahitya Academy () 1982 6/Year Print  
134 CRL Indian Philosophical Quarterly Department of Philosophy (India) 1973 Quarterly Print  
135 Arts Information Development Bowker-Saur Ltd. (England) 1985 Quarterly Print & Online http://idv.sagepub.com/
136 Arts Information Outlook Special Libraries Association (USA) 2000 8/Year Print  
137 Arts Information Studies Ranganathan Centre for Inf. Studies (India) 1995 Quarterly Print  
138 Arts Information Technology and Libraries (ALA) American Library Association (Chicago) 1982 Quarterly Print  
139 Arts International Cataloguing and Bibliographic Control Int Fed of Lib Ass & Institution () 1972 Quarterly Print  
140 CRL International Journal of Aviation Psychology Alan Hobbs 2008 Quarterly Print  
141 CRL International Journal of Billingualsim Sage Publication (India) 2009 Quarterly Print & Online http://IJB.sagepub.com/
142 Arts International Journal of Buddhist Thought & Culture Depp. Of Buddist Studies 2003 2/Year Print  
143 Arts International Journal of Communications Bahri Publication (India) 1992 2/Year Print  
144 Arts International Journal of Cross Cultural Management Sage Publication (India) 2003 3/Year Print & Online http://CCM.sagepub.com/
145 Arts International Journal of Dravidian Linguistics Dravidian Lingustics Association 1972 2/Year Print  
146 CRL International Journal of Information and Computing Science Netaji Nagar day comp. Scince Center () 1998 2/Year Print  
147 Arts International Journal of Psychoanalysis Inst. of Comwl. & Amer. Stu.& Eng. Lan. 1957 6/Year Print & Online http://www3.interscience.wiley.com/
148 CRL International Journal of The Computer The Internet and Management Netaji Nagar day comp. Scince Center () 2005 3/Year Print  
149 Arts International Journal of Translation Bahri Publication (India) 1989 2/Year Print  
150 Arts International Library Movement International Library Movement Foud. (India) 1979 Quarterly Print  
151 CRL International Relation Sage Publication (India) 1961 Quarterly Print & Online http://IRE.sagepub.com/
152 Arts International Review of Applied Lingustics Portland Press Ltd. (United Kingdom) 1963 Quarterly Print  
153 Arts International Review of Social History Cambridge University Press (UK) 1961 3/Year Print  
154 Arts International Studies Sage Publication (India) 1985 Quarterly Print & Online http://ISQ.sagepub.com/
155 CRL Internet Research MCB University Press 1991 5/Year Print & Online http://www.emeraldinsight.com/
156 Arts Journal of Academic Librarianship Elsevier Inc. (USA) 1978 6/Year Print  
157 Arts Journal of Aesthetics and Art Criticism Blackwell Publishing Inc. (USA) 1941 Quarterly Print  
158 Arts Journal of African History Cambridge University Press (UK) 1960 3/Year Print  
159 Arts Journal of African Language and Linguistics Walter de Gruyter and Co. (Germany) 1984 2/Year Print  
160 Arts Journal of American Studies Cambridge University Press (UK) 1985 3/Year Print  
161 Arts Journal of Applied Psychology Madras Psychology Society (India) 1917 6/Year Print  
162 CRL Journal of Asia for Democracy and Development Council for Peace Dev. and cul. Unity 2001 Quarterly Print  
163 Arts Journal of Child Language Cambridge University Press (UK) 1977 Quarterly Print  
164 Arts Journal of Consulting and Clinical Psychology American Psychological Association (USA) 1968 6/Year Print  
165 Arts Journal of Counselling Psychology American Psychological Association (USA) 1983 Quarterly Print  
166 CRL Journal of Defence Studies Institure for Defence Studies and Analyses 0 Quarterly Print  
167 Arts Journal of Documentation Emerald Group Publishing Ltd (United Kingdom) 1945 6/Year Print  
168 Arts Journal of Education for Library and Information Science Asson. for Lib.& Inf. Sc.Education 1984 Quarterly Print  
169 Arts Journal of Experimental Psychology: General... American Psychological Association (USA) 1916 Quarterly Print  
170 Arts Journal of Experimental Psychology: Human American Psychological Association (USA) 1975 6/Year Print  
171 Arts Journal of Experimental Psychology: Learning Memory  and Cognition American Psychological Association (USA) 1983 6/Year Print  
172 Arts Journal of General Psychology Heldref Publications (USA) 1928 Quarterly Print  
173 CRL Journal of Indian Health Psychology Global Vision Publishing House 2007 2/Year Print  
174 Arts Journal of Indian Philosophy Kluwer Academic /Human  Science Press (USA) 1988 6/Year Print  
175 CRL Journal of Indo-European Studies Insititue for the study of man () 1975 Quarterly Print  
176 Arts Journal of Information Science Sage Publication (India) 1968 6/Year Print & Online http://JIS.sagepub.com/
177 CRL Journal of Intellectural Property Rights National institute of sciene comm. (India) 2006 6/Year Print  
178 CRL Journal of Learning Disabilities Sage Publication (India) 2009 6/Year Print & Online http://ldx.sagepub.com/
179 Arts Journal of Library and Informatiion Technololgy Library Publications (India) 0 2/Year Print  
180 Arts Journal of Library and Information Science Deptt. of Library & Information Sc. (India) 1976 2/Year Print  
181 Arts Journal of Linguistics Cambridge University Press (UK) 1965 3/Year Print  
182 Arts Journal of Modern African Studies Cambridge University Press (UK) 1963 Quarterly Print  
183 Arts Journal of Modern History University of Chicago Press (Chicago) 1929 Quarterly Print  
184 CRL Journal of Modern Literature Indiana University Press (USA) 1984 Quarterly Print  
185 Arts Journal of Neuropsychology (BPS) British Psychological Society (England) 2007 2/Year Print  
186 Arts Journal of Occupational & Organisational Psychology (BPS) British Psychological Society (England) 1964 Quarterly Print  
187 Arts Journal of Personality John Wiley and Sons Ltd. 1964 6/Year Print & Online http://www3.interscience.wiley.com/
188 Arts Journal of Philosophy Journal of Philosophy Inc. 1908 Monthly Print  
189 Arts Journal of Political Philosophy John Wiley and Sons Ltd. 2003 Quarterly Print & Online http://www3.interscience.wiley.com/
190 Arts Journal of Politics Blackwell Publishing Inc. (USA) 1939 Quarterly Print  
191 Arts Journal of Psychology: Interdisciplinary and Applied Heldref Publications (USA) 1980 6/Year Print  
192 CRL Journal of The American Oriental Society   1851 Quarterly Print  
193 Arts Journal of The Economic and Social History of The Orient E. J. Bill (Netherland) 1958 Quarterly Print  
194   Journal of The History of Ideas University of Pennsylvania Press 1940      
195   Journal of The International Phonetic Association Cambridge University Press (UK) 1971      
196 Arts Journal of Theoretical Politics Sage Pub. Pvt. Ltd (England) 2003 Quarterly Print  
197 CRL Kadambani (Hindi) Hindustan times Publications (India) 1997 Monthly Print  
198 CRL Keesing's Record World Record Event Keesing's World Wide (USA) 2002 Monthly Print & Online http://www.keesings.com/
199 Arts Kitabnuma (Urdu) Maktoba Jamia Ltd. 1979 Monthly Print  
200 CRL Koonj (Sindhi) Koonj-Sindhi Literary Magazine (India) 2007 Quarterly Print  
201 CRL Korea and World Affairs Korea National Commission for UNESCO 1977 Quarterly Print  
202 CRL Korea Focus Korea National Commission for UNESCO 1993 Quarterly Print  
203 CRL Korea Journal Korea National Commission for UNESCO 1962 Quarterly Print  
204 Arts Language Linguistic Society of America (USA) 1925 Quarterly Print  
205 Arts Language and Communication Elsevier Science Ltd. (UK) 1981 Quarterly Print  
206 Arts Language Forum Bahri Publication (India) 1975 2/Year Print  
207 Arts Language in Society Cambridge University Press (UK) 1973 5/Year Print  
208 Arts Language Teaching Cambridge University Press (UK) 1968 Quarterly Print  
209 Arts Legal and Criminological Psychology (BPS) British Psychological Society (England) 1996 2/Year Print  
210 Arts Library Administration and Managemant (ALA) American Library Association (Chicago) 1989 Quarterly Print  
211 Arts Library and Information Science Abstracts Bowker-Saur Ltd. (England) 1969 Monthly Print  
212 Arts Library and Information Science Research Elsevier Science Ltd. (UK) 1979 Quarterly Print  
213 Arts Library and Information Update Library Association () 2003 Monthly Print  
214 Arts Library Herald Delhi Library Association (India) 1958 Quarterly Print  
215 Arts Library Journal American Library Association (Chicago) 1976 22/Year Print & Online http://www.libraryjournal.com/
216 Arts Library of Congress Information Bulletin Library of Congress 1961 Monthly Print  
217 CRL Library Progress International library Progress Interntional 1981 2/Year Print  
218 Arts Library Quarterly University of Chicago Press (Chicago) 1931 Quarterly Print  
219 Arts Library Resources and Technical Services (ALA) American Library Association (Chicago) 1957 Quarterly Print  
220 Arts Library Trends University Of  Illinois 1967 Quarterly Print  
221 Arts Lingua Elsevier Science Ltd. (UK) 1948 Monthly Print  
222 Arts Linguistic Inquiry MIT Press (UK) 1970 Quarterly Print & Online http://www.mitpressjournals.org/
223 CRL Linguistic Review Mouton de Gruyter 1981 Quarterly Print  
224 Arts Linguistic Typology Mouton de Gruyter 1999 3/Year Print  
225 Arts Literary Review Literary Reivew (USA) 1982 Quarterly Print  
226 CRL London Review of Books London Review of Books (England) 2001 24/Year Print & Online http://www.lrb.co.uk/login
227 Arts Mahila Vidhi Bharti (Hindi) Vidhi Bharti Prishad (India) 1997 Quarterly Print  
228 CRL Mahjubah (Urdu) Mahjubah (Iran) 1985 Monthly Print  
229 CRL Mainstream Perspectiv Publication Pvt. Ltd (India) 1962 Weekly Print  
230 CRL Marg Marg Publications (India) 1946 Quarterly Print  
231 CRL Masarrat Weekly (Urdu) Syed Zeyaur Rahman Ghausi 2009 Weekly Print  
232 Arts Millennium: Journal of International studies MIT Press (UK) 1971 3/Year Print  
233 Arts Mind Oxford University Press (UK) 1892 Quarterly Print  
234 CRL Miraas Miraas Publication 2008 Quarterly Print  
235 CRL Modern China Sage Publication (India) 1997 Quarterly Print & Online http://MCX.sagepub.com/
236 CRL Modern Drama Graduate Center For the Study of Dranma 1958 Quarterly Print  
237 Arts Modern Fiction Studies John Hopkins (USA) 1955 Quarterly Print  
238 Arts Modern Language Journal University of Wisconsin Medison (West Indies) 1937 Quarterly Print  
239 Arts Modern Philology University of Chicago Press (Chicago) 1903 Quarterly Print  
240 Arts Natural Language and Linguistic Theory Kluwer Academic /Human  Science Press (USA) 1984 Quarterly Print  
241 CRL Nawa-E-Islam (Urdu) The Editor (Nawa-e- Islam) 2007 Monthly Print  
242 Arts Naya Daur (Urdu) Naya daur (India) 2001 Monthly Print  
243 Arts New Ideas in Psychology Elsevier Science Ltd. (UK) 1984 3/Year Print  
244 Arts New Left Review New Left Review Ltd (England) 1960 6/Year Print & Online http://www.newleftreview.org/
245 Arts New Literary History John Hopkins (USA) 1981 Quarterly Print  
246 CRL New York Review of Books New York Review 2001 20/Year Print & Online http://www.nybooks.com/
247 CRL Newsweek Bibal (India) 1973 Weekly Print  
248 Arts Nineteenth Century Literature University of California Press 1982 Quarterly Print & Online http://caliber.ucpress.net/cookieabsent.html
249 Arts Notes and Queries Oxford University Press (UK) 1935 Quarterly Print  
250 Arts Notes on Contemporary Literature Willam S Doxey (America) 1982 5/Year Print  
251 Arts Orbis : Journal of World Affairs Jai Press Inc. (India) 1969 Quarterly Print  
252 Arts Organization Studies Sage Publication (India) 2003 Monthly Print & Online http://OSS.sagepub.com/
253 Arts Organizational Dynamics Amerrican Management Assocation (USA) 2002 Quarterly Print & Online  
254 CRL Outlook Outlook Publication Pvt Ltd (India) 1998 Weekly *  
255 CRL Outlook (Hindi) Outlook Publication Pvt Ltd (India) 2002 Monthly *  
256 Arts Pacific Affairs University of British Columbia () 1930 Quarterly Print  
257 Arts Parliamentary Affairs Oxford University Press (UK) 1961 Quarterly Print  
258 CRL Party Politics Sage Publication (India) 1999 6/Year Print & Online http://PPQ.sagepub.com/
259 Arts Past and Present Cambridge University Press (UK) 1952 Quarterly Print  
260 Arts Perspectives on Politics American Political Science Association 2003 Quarterly Print  
261 Arts Philosopher's Index Philosopher's Infoprmation Center () 1967 Quarterly Print  
262 Arts Philosophical Investigation John Wiley and Sons Ltd. 1983 Quarterly Print & Online http://www3.interscience.wiley.com/journal/
263 Arts Philosophical Quarterly: India John Wiley and Sons Ltd. 1956 Quarterly Print & Online http://www3.interscience.wiley.com/journal/
264 Arts Philosophical Review Cornell University 1892 Quarterly Print  
265 CRL Philosophy Cambridge University Press (UK) 1931 Quarterly Print  
266 CRL Philosophy (Think Sub Paid in Philosophy) Cambridge University Press (UK) 0 Quarterly Print  
267 Arts Philosophy and Phenomenological research Brown University 1944 6/Year Print & Online http://www3.interscience.wiley.com/journal/
268 Arts Philosophy and Public Affairs Blackwell Publishing Inc. (USA) 1977 Quarterly Print & Online http://www3.interscience.wiley.com/journal/
269 Arts Philosophy and Social Criticism Sage Publications India Pvt. Ltd. (India) 2003 9/Year Print  
270 Arts Philosophy East and West Journals Deptt, Univ.of Hawai Pr. 1951 Quarterly Print  
271 Arts Philosophy of Science University of Chicago Press (Chicago) 1967 5/Year Print  
272 CRL Philosophy of The Social Sciences Sage Publication (India) 2004 Quarterly Print & Online http://POS.sagepub.com/
273 Arts Philosophy Today Depul University (ILLinios) 1984 Quarterly Print  
274 Arts Phonology Cambridge University Press (UK) 2003 3/Year Print  
275 CRL Pioneer  (Newspaper) (CRL) Pioneer Ltd, (India) 2007 365/Year Print  
276 CRL PLI: Warwick Journal of Philosophy The Warwick Journal of Philosophy 2009 Quarterly Print  
277 Arts PMLA Modren Languages Asso. of America (USA) 1884 6/Year Print & Online http://www.mlajournals.org/?cookieSet=1
278 Arts Poetry Poetry Foundation () 1964 11/Year Print  
279 Arts Poetry Review Politics Journal () 1953 Quarterly Print  
280 Arts Points of View Point of View (India) 1994 2/Year Print  
281 Arts Political Quarterly John Wiley and Sons Ltd. 1937 Quarterly Print & Online http://www3.interscience.wiley.com/
282 Arts Political Studies Rene Bailey (UK) 1953 Quarterly Print & Online http://www3.interscience.wiley.com/
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284 Arts Political Theory Sage Publication (India) 1979 6/Year Print & Online http://PTX.sagepub.com/
285 Arts Politics Politics Journal () 2003 3/Year Print & Online http://www3.interscience.wiley.com/journal/
286 CRL Politics and Society Sage Publication (India) 1976 Quarterly Print & Online http://PAS.sagepub.com/
287 CRL Polygraph   2009 1/Year Print  
288 CRL Prabuddha Bharata Advaita  Ashrama (India) 1957 Monthly Print  
289 CRL Prakrit Vidhya (Hindi) Suresh Chand Jain 2002 Quarterly Print  
290 Arts Preet Lari (Punjabi) Preet Lari (Punjabi) 1961 Monthly Print  
291 CRL Prieepakshy (Hindi) National education planning & Ad.Uni (India) 2006 3/Year Print  
292 Arts Program: Electronic Library and Inf.System Emerald Group Publishing Ltd (United Kingdom) 1983 Quarterly Print  
293 Arts PS Political Science and Politics American Political Science Association 2001 Quarterly Print  
294 Arts Psychoanalytic Quarterly Psychoanalytic quarterly inc. (USA) 2003 Quarterly Print  
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296 Arts Psychological Review American Psychological Association (USA) 1894 Quarterly Print  
297 CRL Psychological Studies National academy of psychology (India) 1983 Quarterly Print  
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299 Arts Psychology and Psychotherapy (BPS) British Psychological Society (England) 2002 Quarterly Print  
300 Arts Psychology of Women Quarterly Blackwell Publishing Inc. (USA) 1983 Quarterly Print & Online http://www3.interscience.wiley.com/journal/
301 Arts Psychology Today Sussex Publishers Inc 1983 6/Year Print  
302 Arts Public Administration John Wiley and Sons Ltd. 1949 Quarterly Print & Online http://www3.interscience.wiley.com/journal/
303 Arts Public Opinion Quarterly University of Chicago Press (Chicago) 1953 Quarterly Print  
304 CRL Punjab University Research Journal Punjabi Sahitya Akadami () 1970 2/Year Print  
305 CRL Race and Class   2009 Quarterly Print  
306 Arts Rachna (Urdu) Indian Institute of Sinddhology () 2007 Quarterly Print  
307 CRL Radical Philosophy   2009 6/Year Print  
308 Arts Ratio John Wiley and Sons Ltd. 1957 Quarterly Print & Online http://www3.interscience.wiley.com/journal/
309 CRL Reader's Digest Living Media India Pvt. Ltd. (India) 1988 Monthly Print & Online http://www.rd-india.com/newsite/home/home.asp
310 Arts Renaissance Quarterly Renaissance Society of America () 1982 Quarterly Print  
311 CRL Rethinking Marxism   2009 Quarterly Print  
312 Arts Review of African Political Economy Carfax Publising Ltd (United Kingdom) 2003 Quarterly Print & Online http://www.informaworld.com/smpp/
313 Arts Review of English Studies Oxford University Press (UK) 1925 5/Year Print  
314 Arts Review of Politics University of Notary Dame (UK) 1939 Quarterly Print  
315 CRL Review of Social Sciences Kerala Academy of Social Science 2005 2/Year Print  
316 CRL Sabras (Urdu)   2009 Monthly Print  
317 CRL Sagrika (Sanskrit) Sagrika Samiti () 1962 Quarterly Print  
318 CRL Sakashatkar (Hindi) Madhya Pradesh Sahitya Academi 2002 Monthly Print  
319 Arts Samkaleen Bhartiya Sahitya Sahitya Academy () 1982 6/Year Print  
320 Arts Sanchetna (Hindi) Amrit Enterpreses () 1978 Quarterly Print  
321 CRL Sangeet (Hindi) Sangeet karyalya (India) 1940 Monthly Print  
322 Arts Science and Technology Libraries Hawort  Press Inc. (UK) 1982 Quarterly Print  
323 Arts Science Technology and Society Sage Publication (India) 1990 2/Year Print & Online http://STS.sagepub.com/
324 CRL Self Realization Self Realization Fellowship 1954 Quarterly Print  
325 CRL Seminar The ASA News Letter (USA) 1959 Monthly Print & Online http://www.indiaseminar.com/
326 Arts Serial Librarian Hawort  Press Inc. (UK) 1976 8/Year Print  
327 Arts Shabkhoon (Urdu) Shahkhoon () 1980 Monthly Print  
328 CRL Shair (Urdu) Shair (India) 1988 Monthly Print  
329 Arts Shakespeare's Quarterly Shakesphere Quarterly () 1980 Quarterly Print  
330 Arts Sipoon (Sindhi) Literary and Cultural Centre (India) 2007 Quarterly Print  
331 CRL Social Action Social Action Trust Publication 1955 Quarterly Print  
332 Arts Social Psychology Quarterly American Psy. Association (USA) 1978 Quarterly Print & Online http://www.ingentaconnect.com/content/
333 CRL Social Scientists Social Scientist Ltd. (India) 1984 6/Year Print  
334 CRL South African Journal of Economics   2009 Quarterly Print  
335 Arts South Asian Journal of Socio-Political Studies SAJOSPS (India) 2000 2/Year Print  
336 CRL South Atlantic Quarterly  Duke University 1969 Quarterly Print  
337 Arts SRELS Journal of Information Management Sarada Ranganathan  Endo  for  libsc (India) 2006 Quarterly Print  
338 Arts Studies in 20th and 21st Century Literature Arizonas journal of hispanic cultural studies 2004 2/Year Print  
339 Arts Studies in English Literature Willam Marsh Rice university 1984 Quarterly Print  
340 Arts Studies in Philology University of California Press 1908 Quarterly Print  
341 Arts Studies in Romanticism Graduate School Boston University () 1961 Quarterly Print  
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