Postgraduate, M.Phil and Ph.D. Research associates, teachers and students and Faculty members in the disciplines of African Studies, Arabic, Buddhist Studies, English, Hindi, History, Library and Information Science, Linguistics, Modern Indian Languages, Persian, Philosophy, Political Science, Psychology, Punjabi, Sanskrit, and Urdu are eligible for the membership of the Library and M.I.L.

A schedule for the registration of eligible members is notified to the concerned University Departments, Colleges and Faculty of Arts, etc. by the Library in the month of July ever year.

Applications for membership is to be made on the prescribed form obtainable form the Membership Section of the Library on production of the Identity Card (not applicable in the case of Faculty members and college teachers.

Duly filled application forms are required to be recommended by Principal of the College and the Head of the Departments of the University, as the case be. No application is accepted without the recommendation.

After the submission of a completed application form, the applicants, by, showing their identity card can reveal the Library Tickets form the membership.

Renewal of Final Year membership of Research membership is done on the production of the renewed Identity Card as well as the receipt of Library deposit for sum of Rs. 1000/- and Library Development fee of Rs. 200/- vide no. 200 dated 27-08-1996 under which annual dues have been paid by the members.


Library tickets are not transferable as they are tokens of privilege which only the member to whom they are issued to. Sub-lending of books is misuse of this privilege and may lead to the withdrawal of membership.

Books should not be kept beyond the date marked on the date slip pasted inside the book.

Members should keep the Library informed of any change of address, change of college, change of subject etc. during the period of their membership.

Members must satisfy themselves about the physical condition of the books before borrowing them. They shell be held responsible for any damage noticed/ reported later of at the time of returning. Members shell be required to replace/to deposit the cost (along binding charges) of the book reported lost of found damaged of defected by marking. Defaulters may be suspended form the use of the Library by the Librarian Incharge of Central Library pending the discharge if their liabilities.


On each occasion the book is borrowed, a library ticket is to be given at the Issue Counter and the Identity Card shown. The library ticket shall be restored to the member when the book is returned but the library ticket may be retained by the library staff if any problem is detected at the time of return of the book to be discharged when the case is settled.

An overdue charge of Rs.1/- per volume per day is charged for the books returned late. This provision is for general books only. Overdue charges shall be collected through the ‘Conscience Box’ method and no receipt is issued for it.


Manuscripts Reference books, Rare books, Theses, Dissertations, Periodicals (loose issues and bound volumes) and such other reading materials as marked ‘Not To be Issued’ ‘ For Consultation Only’ shell not be issued out on lone except with the special permission of the Librarian In-Charge, Central Library.

Books on loan with members can be recalled by the Librarian In-Charge Central Library at any time without assigning any reason thereof.

Loans of books is not renewable the same very day.


Members are responsible for the books borrowed in on their library tickets. Neither the books nor the tickets be lent to anyone else.

Lost of library book is immediately inform to Circulation Desk and prescribed form obtainable from the Circulation Section.

Members shall replace or deposit the cost (alongwith binding charges) of the book lost or retuned in a damaged condition.

When a library ticket is lost, the member shall deposit a library security of Rs. 500, which shall be refunded to him/her on the expiry of the validity of the lost ticket. Duplicate ticket shall be issued on the payment of Rs. 5/- per ticket. The member shall however, continue to be responsible for any loss that library may suffer through the loss/misuse of the lose ticket.


Library tickets are the property of the library. Before taking the university examination or terminating connection with the college or the university, every member has to return the library tickets and clear all dues, if any and a no – dues clearance certificate obtained.

No college/institution/Department shall issue a discharge certificate to its students/ teachers/ non-teaching staff who had been recommended by them for library membership without obtaining a no – dues clearance certificate form the Library.

The case of non members shall be settled by the College/Office/ Department Office locally after the verification of their records whether their membership form were recommended by them or not. Central Library shall not issue any clearance certificate in respect of non-members.


The members have the privilege of direct access to shelves in the stack halls. It is impartment that the arrangement of books be maintained on the shelves for the convenience of members themselves.
While books can be freely taken out, on no account should they be reshelved by the members because of the danger of their misplacement.

Periodicals (both bound and loose) will be available for consultation only within the Periodicals Section against Identity Card/ Consultation Ticket/ Reader’s Ticket.