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Bloomsbury Education and Childhood Studies

Bloomsbury Education and Childhood Studies is an online resource that offers a systematic and comparative look at key education levels and the study of cognitive and psychosocial development through early childhood and youth.

Composed of market-leading eBook titles from Bloomsbury’s Education list and 560+ original articles overseen by a well-rounded editorial board, this platform allows students and scholars to study and compare topics and education systems from multiple countries. Also included on the resource is the Education Around the World series, policy reports, and other teaching and learning tools that provide dynamic coverage and a global picture.

 Content Highlights:

  • 600+ peer-reviewed articles on six levels of education and childhood across 25+ countries. Country Overview articles that provide accessible introductory information on Early Childhood Education, Childhood, Youth, Primary Education, Secondary Education, and Higher Education
  • The entire Education Around the World reference series, comprising 18 volumes and covering every single country in the world
  • 89 academic eBooks on comparative and international education, including Peace Education (Prose Award Honorable Mention 2017) and Secondary English Teacher Education in the United States (NCTE ELATE Meade Award Winner 2018)
  • A collection of over 60 policy reports from the World Bank Group Open Knowledge Repository
  • Links to external resources, educational data, and statistical information

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Drama Online Library

Drama Online Library is collection of more than 3,000 plays in text, audio and video format from the pre-eminent theatre lists from Bloomsbury's Methuen Drama , Arden Shakespeare imprints and Faber & Faber Ltd. It covers 350 Audio plays from L.A. Theatre Works.


Drama Online video play list includes: National Theatre video plays, BBC Drama Films & Documentaries, The Royal Shakespeare Company Live Collection, Globe on Screen, etc. eBooks on Theatre Studies on acting methods with practical instruction on performance and stagecraft, as well as the PATAZ: Physical Actor Training – an online A-Z video series



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Bloomsbury Philosophy Library

Bloomsbury Philosophy Library is a bespoke digital platform that provides access to specialized philosophy collections.


The platform provides access to Bloomsbury History of Modern Aesthetics, Bloomsbury 20th Century French Thought and Bloomsbury Encyclopedia of Philosophers.


Our ever growing content set includes access to primary texts in translation, newly-digitized modern sources, secondary literature eBooks, exclusive articles and encyclopedia entries. Our carefully curated collections are designed for scholars and students who want to access a range of materials in one place for an enriching teaching and learning experience.


This library contains hard-to-find primary texts by eighteenth, nineteenth and early-twentieth century intellectuals and philosophers, such as Alexander Baumgarten, R. G. Collingwood, Friedrich Schiller, Uvedale Price and Anna Jameson. The texts are tagged with a subject-specific taxonomy and cross-searchable with related primary sources and secondary literature.




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Bloomsbury Popular Music

Bloomsbury Popular Music  is invaluable digital library for global popular music brings together leading scholarship and interactive tools to hit the right note for research and learning. It is an ideal resource for students and academics across disciplines including music, ethnomusicology, the performing arts, media and communication, cultural studies, anthropology and sociology.


Encyclopedia of Popular Music, 50 volumes of the widely acclaimed 33 1/3 and 33 1/3 Global eBook series providing in-depth analysis of influential albums across diverse musical eras, by artists ranging from Caetano Veloso to Public Enemy



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Bloomsbury Medieval Studies

Bloomsbury Medieval Studies is a new interdisciplinary digital resource with a global perspective. The platform brings together high-quality secondary content with visual primary sources, a brand new reference work, and material culture images into one cross-searchable platform.


It contains Encyclopedia of the Global Middle Ages  and 190 scholarly books hand chosen by our exemplary Editorial Advisory Board. The extensive list includes primary texts, research monographs, companions and more from Bloomsbury and other top publishers in the field such as IB Tauris, Arc Humanities Press and Amsterdam University Press.

Coverage: Medieval History

Content type: Case studies, Medieval Maps, 190 scholarly books, primary texts, research monographs, companions, The Encyclopedia of the Global Middle Ages


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Bloomsbury Cultural History

Bloomsbury Cultural History is an extraordinary, fully cross-searchable digital resource that engages with culture throughout the ages from antiquity to modernity. Thanks to its interdisciplinary nature and ever-expanding collections, this unique digital reference tool promises to be an essential resource on many courses from cultural studies and sociology to history and anthropology.

It contains Bloomsbury’s cutting-edge Cultural Histories series as well as an extensive e-book collection, image partnerships with the Welcome Collection and supporting features like lesson plans and an interactive timeline, it has never been easier for students and scholars alike to explore the cultural worlds that have shaped our own.


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Bloomsbury Food Library

Bloomsbury Food Library is a growing and vibrant digital resource. Home to the widest-ranging existing collection of food studies content it reflects the interdisciplinary nature of this growing subject, making it an essential resource for students, researchers, and scholars studying food, on courses as wide-ranging as history, sociology, anthropology, cultural studies, human geography, sustainability, agriculture, culinary arts, literary studies, political science, and development studies.

  •  It includes Ken Albala’s Food Cultures of the World Encyclopedia and the Cambridge World History of Food.
  • Over 100 eBooks by key authors in the field including Warren Belasco, Carol J. Adams, etc.
  • Several major reference works including Bloomsbury’s Cultural History of Food in six volumes and key chapters from Food History: Critical and Primary Sources



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Bloomsbury Architecture Library

Bloomsbury Architecture Library is a leading digital resource for the study of architecture, urbanism, and interior design. Its dynamic digital platform offers access to wide-ranging collections of text and image content, from architectural history to cutting-edge design guidance.

The platform is comprised of cultural and contextual content alongside technical and design content – breaking down boundaries between ‘silos’ of knowledge and relating academic theory to studio practice.

It contains 5,500 years of the world’s architecture through Sir Banister Fletcher’s Global History of Architecture 21st edition and over 240 scholarly titles focusing on architectural history, to architectural politics, urbanism, landscape, interiors, studio design, technical detail, and professional practice – perfect for the student and the professional designer.


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Bloomsbury Applied Visual Arts Library

Bloomsbury Applied Visual Arts Library – the ultimate guide to a visual arts education. This comprehensive resource offers instant, searchable access to over 170 electronic text books which combine visual inspiration with practical advice on idea generation, research techniques, portfolio development and more, across the main visual arts disciplines.

Subjects covered: Fashion and Textiles, Design and Illustration, Photography, Film and Animation, Architecture and Interiors, Marketing and Advertising



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Screen Studies

Screen Studies is a dynamic digital platform designed to support moving-image studies. It offers a broad range of content including books, screenplays, overview articles and learning resources from Bloomsbury, Faber & Faber, the British Film Institute, Focal Press and Auteur (LUP). It is an essential resource for academics and students engaged in research and learning in film history, theory, and practice.

Subject coverage: Film Studies, Media Studies, History of cinema, Screenplays, etc.


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Human Kinetics Library

The Human Kinetics Library is home to the Human Kinetics Library core collection, Human Kinetics Dance Technique, Human Kinetics Physical and Health Education, and will soon include a collection on Healthcare in Sport and Exercise, due to launch in late Spring 2021.

Subject coverage: Physical activity,  physical and health education, healthcare in sports and exercise, sports education, etc.


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