eJurix makes available several elegant, sophisticated and context specific search features. eJurix is borne out of the understanding that Law is a serious subject and getting to relevant results in the shortest time and most convenient way is essential to the law professional. Thus the website is not merely a search and display results for the lawyer to wade through.

eJurix is arguably the single largest collection of law information in India covering more than 2,50,000 full text Judgments equivalent to 2,500 bound volumes or 1.2 million pages .

eJurix covers all Supreme Court, High Court and Tribunal Decisions reported till now for the modules covered.

eJurix provides Search on Full Text, Subject, Section-Act, Title, KeyWords-Phrases, Statutes referred, Quorum of Judges, Name of the Court, Date of Decisions, Equivalent Citations etc.

eJurix has the following key features