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                                  Legalpundits Knowledge Resources at a glance:

Company Law - includes aspects such as Formation & Registration of Company, Memorandum and Articles of Association, Capital, Management, Administration and Meetings, Corporate Governance Code, Accounts, Joint Ventures, Acquisition and Takeovers, Offences and Penalties, Courts and Authorities, Winding up, Powers of Central Government, etc. This section incorporates a complete set of Company Law in a question-answer format, which, though comprehensive, is easy to understand.
Commercial Law - includes Contracts, Partnership, Sale of Goods and Negotiable Instruments Act. Also included are laws covering Insurance, Banking, Debt Recovery etc.
Tax - This section has been divided into 2 parts - Direct taxes and Indirect Taxes. Direct Tax includes details of Rates of Tax, Categories of Assessees, Heads of Income, Exemptions, Deductions, Appeals, Assessment, Settlement of Cases, etc. Indirect Tax issues include sections about Customs Duties, Excise Duties, Central Sales Tax (CST) and Service Tax. A guide for computation of your tax, rates applicable to individuals and also tax calculators are available to facilitate calculation of your Income Tax.
Law, Business & Industry - This channel has the complete set of rules relevant to NRIs - including rules covering Baggage, Exchange Control, Foreign Exchange Management Act (FEMA), Investing in India, Setting up a Business in India, Banking and Insurance Laws and possible avenues for investment in India.
Family Law - A complete set of laws, including marriage and divorce issues, adoption and guardianship, which govern the different religious communities in India.
Consumer Law - This sections deals with the rights of consumers i.e. when you can sue, the various courts, related procedures, etc.
Women's Rights - This is an exclusive channel for women, covering aspects such as crimes against women, sexual rights and laws applicable at the work place.
Case Laws - Judgments from the Supreme Court, High Courts and different Tribunals such as SAT, CLB, CEGAT, Sales Tax Tribunal, etc.
Notifications, Circulars & Press Releases: Notifications, Circulars, Press Releases and Press Notes from various Ministries such as the Company Law Board, Ministry of Finance, Direct and Indirect Tax, Non-Banking Finance, SEBI, Ministry of Foreign Trade, RBI and many more. These are updated daily.
Forms & Procedures: Procedures and forms on different issues like Income Tax, RBI, SEBI, IPR, FEMA, etc.