INDLAW is a business-to-business Internet provider of research modules relating to Indian legal, tax, business and regulatory issues. Indlaw is part of the Indianlawonline project which was launched in April 1997 as a collaborative exercise between professionals and academicians based in U.K. and in India to build an electronic legal library to enable solicitors, advocates, students and clients to have access to information on various primary and secondary legal documents like the constitutional texts, parliamentary debates, case law, Parliamentary and State enactments and delegated legislation in both India and the U.K.

           Indlaw caters to the needs of every professional, whether he is a lawyer, chartered accountant, company secretary, management consultant, director or a an entrepreneur. Indlaw ensures that you are aware of the latest changes in the legal and policy framework faster than from any other source.

Indlaw's legal databases include:  Case Laws, Legislation, Rules, Notifications, Circulars, Trade Notices, Forms, Reports and Proceedings, Indlaw Articles, News, PressNotes, etc.