EPWRF India Time Series (EPWRF ITS)

          EPWRF India Time Series is a unique online database providing vital statistics on the Indian economy in a time series format. This has over 30,000 variables structured in 16 modules covering a range of macro-economic, financial and social fields such as national income, state domestic product, centre and state government finances, industry, agriculture, prices, external sector, financial markets, banking, insurance, power sector, health and education. The data availability is from 1950, depending on their availability. As many as ten modules comprise state-wise data. Additionally, Banking Statistics module provides banking indicators for 653 districts. The EPWRF ITS modules are built on core value of ‘Timeliness, Accuracy and Completeness’. The University subscribes to the following modules: Financial Markets, Banking Statistics, Domestic Product of States of India, Agricultural Statistics, Price Indices, Power Sector, Industrial Production Series, Finances of Government of India, Combined Government Finances, Annual Survey of Industries, National Accounts Statistics of India, External Sector, Finances of State Governments, Insurance, Health Statistics, Educational Statistics.

            A distinctive feature of EPWRF ITS is that all modules are updated timely, as and when data are released depending upon the frequency – weekly, fortnightly, monthly, quarterly and yearly.  With user-friendly query options, easy downloading and export-to-excel facilities, EPWRF ITS database saves considerable amount of users’ time spent on data compilation. Users can create a desktop shortcut icon for EPWRF ITS and thus a click will enable accessing the database. Updates are communicated to users through alert messages.  You may go through the below link to know more about this database services.http://www.epwrfits.in/howtouse_new.aspx.  

             The access is available through auto login feature on registered IP address. User needs only to click on the “LOG-IN” button, no need to type the user name and password.