Capitaline Plus

  Capitaline Plus provides information of all Indian Sellers & Buyers of products, categorized as per Harmonised System of Indian Trade Classification (ITC) and also on National Industrial Classification (NIC) for all economic activities; gives insight to companies’ activities, product sold/consumed as per ITC & NIC coding and focus on margins to be benchmarked; facilitates Key Ratios like Gross Profit Margins, Net Profit Margin (Cost & Sales), Return on Net worth, etc.; gives facilities for Company Comparison including common size income statement keeping benchmark of sales, cost and profits to understand the key drivers. It also provides non-financial information with news of products and companies and prices/production details.

Important Features

  1. Database is intuitive and very user friendly. Needs minimum training.
  1. Covered  more then 20000 companies information, of which more than 3650 are unlisted companies.  All the information updated on a daily basis via Internet.
  1. Data Formats and Detail Levels:- Almost 98% of the details in a company’s Annual Report (750 Financial fields) is input into the database, presenting the financial data in 7 formats :- Manufacturing, Banking, Finance, Software, Shipping, Hotel & Power.  A Balance sheet or P&L can be read at different depths:
  2. Condensed : Major heads of P&L & B/S
  3. Detailed : Schedules data in the front screen.
  4. X-Detailed : Additional information like Authorized Capital.
  1. Industrial production Data:- Auto, cement, tea, tyres and others for more than three years.
  1. Sector Reports:- Sector Trend updates for more than 50 Industries.
  1. Research Reports:- Detailed analysis report of top 200 companies generated by Capital Market’s Research team.
  1. Quarterly Analysis:- Indexing (growth) facility over latest 16 Quarterlies. Analysis for more than 300 Companies.
  1. AGM / Analyst Meet:- Reports detailing the current performance of the Top 200 Companies based on the facts and figures highlighted by the company.
  1. Valuation Ratios:- Such as Market Cap to Sales, Price to Book Value and EV/EBIDTA.
  1. Segment Finance: Companies report their revenues, profits, and other information under their major business segments.  Screener in Capitaline Plus allows querying segment-wise break-up of information reported by the company under the following categories.
  1. Segment break up – Product-wise: User can query product-wise segment financials reported under revenues and profit.
  1. Segment break up – Location-wise: User can query region-wise reported revenues and profit figures.
  1. Above all, the total segment sales and profit figures can also be queried under segment.
  1. Finance database table introduced in Capitaline Plus screener.
  1. Consolidated Working Results: Apart from the standalone quarterly working results, companies now also publish consolidated results.  User can query both simultaneously in Capitaline Plus screener.
  1. Reported Balance Sheet Abstract:  Company-reported BS abstract figures can also be queried through Capitaline Plus screener.
  1. Format Specific Finance Fields: All data fields of BS, Profit & Loss, Working Results & Key financial ratios can be queried according to the display formats.
  1. Webdation:-  Capitaline Plus uses the technique of web-dation.  Which means that updation takes place even as you keep working on your offline database. 24x7.  No waiting till tomorrow for results announced today, no shut downs while updating.
  2. Online CABNAS newswire window:- Capitaline Plus package opens with a default live CABNAS Business Wire window, which gives a wide range of news story updates including price movements of stocks, all market reports, corporate happenings, results IPO’s, politics, economy, quarterly performance and research reports. 
  1. Mutual Fund Holdings – Fund Wise, Scheme Wise and Sector Wise.
  1. TTM :- Trailing One Quarter comparing with corresponding previous year for 3/6/9 & 12 months with the variance.
  1. Speediest updation: More than 5000 Annual Reports for March 2004 year-end stand updated before 30/12/04.
  1. Consolidated BS/PL :- Consolidated financial statements, incorporating holding company and subsidiaries data can be viewed as any other single company data.
  1. Deferred Tax screen:- With the introduction of New Accounting Standard for taxes on income, even when there is no change in the performance of the company, the bottom line will show major changes due to deferred tax. In CapitaLine Plus, you will find detail break-up of the deferred tax assets and liabilities.
  1. Historical Shareholdings: - Quarter-wise share holding pattern reported by the Companies for at least the last four quarters provided for major companies.
  1. Screener in Capitaline Plus:- The Screener in Capitaline Plus is a very powerful, yet is an easy-to-use query screen. Field names are of common usage and user-friendly. For instance, queries for banking companies can be designed using banking format and banking field names like ‘Bank Balance & Call money – in India’ and ‘Cash Credit, Overdraft & Loans’ etc.
  1. Once a filed is selected, a ‘Show Criteria’ box shows all the available values or ranges for that filed for criteria specification.

New Software Features

  1. Status Bar Ticker: Forthcoming board meetings and News Flash Ticker enabled in status bar with online Sensex & Nifty values.
  1. History: History tab records every page visited for a pre-determined number of days, which can be set in the 'Settings' menu.
  1. Statistics: Count, Average, Mean, Median, Mode, Std Deviation etc on all table data
  2. Currency Conversion: User can covert any screen into different currencies.  The value of the currency will be picked up from our database, month-/year-wise.