Delhi University Library System




Regulation no. 17 : Use of Library







  • In the event of electronically generated membership card, on each occasion when the book is borrowed, the reader must approach the respective library’s issue and return counter with their membership ID and get the book charged/ issued/ discharged/ return.

  • In above case, the reader should frequently check their online record by using User ID and password to know the status of issue/ return.

  • In the event of holding the membership tickets, as per the entitlements, the user should ensure that the number of books issued and number of library tickets available in hand meets its requirement;

  •  In case of any discrepancy, the same should be brought to the notice of In-charge, Issue and Return Counter immediately.

  • Reservation for books which are not on the library shelves can be made by teachers and research students on prescribed reservation cards available at the reference desk or electronically through e-mail as the case may be. The library will inform the member as soon as the book is available.