Delhi University Library System




Regulation no. 17 : Use of Library







  • Electronically generated membership card/ Library tickets / Text Book tickets and the books issued on those memberships, by the respective libraries, are non-transferable as they are tokens of privileges extended only to the members to whom they are issued. 

  •  Sub-lending of the books and misuse of the privileges are entirely at the risk of the membership holder and Library/ libraries in no way will be responsible of its misuse.

  • Manuscripts, reference books, rare books, theses, dissertations, periodicals (loose numbers and bound volumes) and such other reading materials as are marked for consultation within the library shall not be issued out for loan except with the special permission of the University Librarian or the In-charge of the library.

  • Borrowers must satisfy themselves about the physical condition of the books before borrowing; otherwise, they will be held responsible for any damage or mutilation noticed later or at the time of returning.

  •  Penalties for books lost, damaged, mutilated or defaced by marking shall be fixed by the University Librarian.

  • The University Librarian or In-charge of the Library pending the discharge of the liabilities may suspend defaulters from the use of the library.

  • Loan of books is not renewable, in case it is in demand by another user.

  • The University Librarian or In-charge of the Library can recall books on loan with members at any time.