Workshop on Information Literacy & Competency


Organized by

Delhi University Library System, University of Delhi, Delhi 110007


16th -17th July, 2015


Conference Centre, University of Delhi


About the Workshop

With a view to educate the users and enhance their capabilities about electronic resources and make them competent for retrieving precise and relevant information through Internet, DULS has started regular Information Literacy Programme since, 2006.   In continuation to its programs and activities DULS is organizing a two-days Training The Trainers: Workshop on Information Literacy & Competency for University and College Library Professionals. The goal is to train the library and information professionals for onward transmission of the information skills to end users.


Workshop Objectives  


Training The Trainers: Workshop on Information Literacy & Competency for University and College Library Professionals is being organized with the following objectives:

  • To acquaint the University and College Library Professionals with the academic power of Internet;
  • To provide an indication as to what is there on Internet related to the area of study and research in campus, department as well as in college.
  • To show how web resources could be of immense use in their academic pursuit and research;
  • To show the usefulness of various multimedia resources on web in Teaching, Learning and Research.
  • To promote the use of subscribed databases in academics and research;
  • To describe specific coverage and features of various databases being subscribed by DULS;
  • To acquaint the University and College Library Professionals with the use of various search techniques to retrieve relevant information;
  • To recognize the need for information, and to evaluate, organize, interpret, and communicate information in all its formats;
  •  To promote that Information Competency is for participants� academic and vocational success and for lifelong learning;
  • To provide research-integrated instruction in collaboration with the faculty and in alignment with research objectives;
  • To explain various scales and research metrics such as Impact Factor, h-index etc.
  • To orient on Academic integrity and ethical use of information.
  • To explain the necessity of bibliographical citations and its usefulness.
  • To promote the use of standardized citations of bibliographical references.

       In nut shell the workshop aims to create complete awareness and train the target group of library professional to further pass on these skills to the actual users of information.


Workshop Presentations


           Resource Person


Online Information Retrieval : Tools &  Techniques

              Mr. Rajesh Singh  

E-Resources in Science Disciplines

              Dr. S.C.Jindal  

Open Access Digital Content for Academics

              Mr. Rajesh Singh  
  E-Resources in Social Sciences and Arts & Humanities Disciplines                Dr. Narender Kumar  
  Financial and Statistical E-Resources               Dr. Tariq Ashraf  
  Research Metrics: Impact  Factor & h-Index               Mr. Rajesh Singh  
  Measuring Research Output: Web of Science                Dr. Tariq Ashraf  

Measuring Research output: Scopus and Google Scholar

              Mr. Rajesh Singh  
  The Chicago Manual of Style:  A presentation on bibliographic standards               Dr. Narender Kumar  
  Braille Library: Digital Information Services for Visually Impaired

              Mr. Rajesh Singh


Important Links for DULS E-Resource Services

  Web of Science: A Multi Discipline Citation Database     Quick Reference     Workbook                 
  Subscribed E-Information Resources             Open Access E-Information Resources             
  Information Literacy  Online Tutorial             A-Z List of E-Journals    

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