The JCCC  provides article-level access for all the journals subscribed by the UGC-INFONET Digital Library Consortium as well as journals subscribed by 22 university libraries designated as Inter-Library Loan (ILL) Centres of the INFLIBNET Centre.  The interface provides hyper link to articles that are accessible in a given university so that a user can access and download articles accessible to his/her university.  For articles from journals that are not accessible in a given university, the interface facilitates semi-automatic generation of ILL request directly from user(s) to the INFLIBNET Centre or to one of the ILL Centres as the case may be.  The JCCC interface offers: 

      Search articles published in journals subscribed  under the UGC-INFONET Digital Library Consortium;

      Search articles from journals (print and e-journals) subscribed by 22 ILL Centres; 

      Search for articles from the journals subscribed by other member libraries if they list their journals in the JCCC; 

      Generate ILL request to ILL Centres/INFLIBNET Centre for articles in journals not accessible to the users in his/her university; 

      Track request history and the fulfillment status of ILL requests.

                             All faculty, staff and students who are members of the Delhi University Library System (DULS) are authorized to use ILL service.  The requester should be registered member of the DULS.

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